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Client Testimonials

Call now for your consultation with Dr. Thomas Nicholl, Orlando Attorney 407-228-2131

Norm – Tom is as good and honest of an Attorney as you can get. On my case he always was looking out for me, kept me informed for everything that was happening no matter how minor. He is extremely Knowledgeable and does not play games. If you really want someone on you side hire Tom. I am glad I did.

A Satisfied Client – I appreciate his attention to my case. It was a bit complicated but he handled it with ease.

Ronda – He was my second attorney in this matter. The first wanted me to settle for $7500. Then I changed attorneys. He negotiated well, and got me a settlement in the six figures. Very happy with the results.

Diane – Contacted Attorney Nicholl regarding trusts and estates work that needed to be done. He was personable, professional and very efficient at meeting our needs. I would highly recommend him and I will be using his services again in the near future.

Carmen J. – Very nice people. Took me right in. Willing to help.

53LIFTMAN – Tom is a highly experienced attorney who actually cares about his clients and does his best to create the most successful legal outcome for them. I highly recommend him as you go to legal source.

Brenda Z. – Tom handled an auto accident case for me, very professional, easy to work with and he got me a settlement.

Ins X. – Went to Thomas Nicholl with a legal issue and he was very professional and courteous. The problem was handled well and I would recommend his services. He is an attorney who is very personable and does not rush you out of the office – no lawyer ‘attitude’ that so many of them seem to have. This made a big difference to me.

Choyce L. – Took care of a legal situation. I highly recommend him for his knowledge intellect and experience.

Ronda R. – He handled my auto accident and got me a nice settlement for my injuries. It was well more than I thought I would get, and I did not have to go to trial to get it.

Call now for your consultation with Dr. Thomas Nicholl, Orlando Attorney 407-228-2131

Laura M. – Tom is a wonderful attorney. Has plenty of time for his clients, nothing is too much for him. He is courteous and pleasant and will always advise you on your best action to take. If you are looking for a compassionate legitimate lawyer I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Joyce C. – Tom was an excellent veterinarian before he retired. He utilizes that skill set and knowledge to be the most effective with any case involving animals.

Linda B. – Highly recommend Tom Nicholl. Very professional and thorough. Handled everything very well.

DW P. – Have recommended Tom to many friends and family members and have used his services myself. He is an excellent lawyer.

Ender A. – Very professional and experienced lawyer. We highly recommend him.

Nancy L. Orlando – I had reason to employ the services of Thomas Nicholl, attorney, recently. The matter was handled expeditiously with reasonable cost to me, and accomplished what I wanted.

Rhonda R. – Orlando – Great job. Got a lot of money, and was very attentive, and reasonable with fees

Kathy B. – Sorrento – Mission accomplished with minimal expense and effort on my part.

Lettree B. – Orlando – I would unreservedly recommend Attorney Nicholl. He was attentive, and successfully resolved my claim with great benefit to me, and minimal expense. Thank you.

Orville D. – Kissimmee – I was very satisfied with the results that Attorney Nicholl achieved with minimal expense. I would not hesitate to use him again.

Alice D. – Palm City – Attorney Nicholl went above and beyond to resolve one case I had with him. I am now using him for a second one.

Maryann D. – Orlando – I needed something done, and it was performed efficiently and with minimal cost.

Call now for your consultation with Dr. Thomas Nicholl, Orlando Attorney 407-228-2131

Laura E. – Orlando – I needed to go to trial for a problem I had. With the assistance of Attorney Nicholl, I was successful, and it did not cost me much.

Gina F. – Ocala – Attorney Nicholl saved me a ton of money at very minimal cost. Thank you.

Norman F. – Orlando – Attorney Nicholl has handled a matter for me in the past, and is currently involved in another case for me. In both instances he has been efficient, communicative, and reasonable with his fees.

Rachel K. – Orlando – Thank you Attorney Nicholl for evaluating my medical malpractice case at no charge.

Diane & Alex W. – Orlando – We needed a transaction completed. Attorney Nicholl did this both efficiently, promptly, and at a reasonable cost.

Linda R. – Orlando – I am exceptionally happy that I chose Attorney Nicholl for a legal problem I had. The work was performed quickly and professionally, and the fees were very reasonable.

Ernst & Gitta U. – Lake Mary – we have obtained solid legal advice on several issues at little cost.

Richard G. – The Villages – Attorney Nicholl has represented me on different issues, and has successfully mediated on my behalf, the result of which was me receiving a significant amount of money.

Michael & Theresa H. – Sanford – Attorney Nicholl did a lot of work, for a conservative amount, and we succeeded in getting a lot of money.

Donald H. – Ocala – I have had Attorney Nicholl represent me on a couple of different issues. These were resolved quickly with minimal expense.

Connie & Michael C. – Orlando – we used Attorney Nicholl to recover damages for my mother. We were very successful, and we will use him again for all our legal matters that he handles..

Francis L. – Orlando – I used Attorney Nicholl to draw up a legal document I needed. This was done quickly and efficiently, and at a reasonable cost.

Ann L. – The Villages – I used Attorney Nicholl for a legal issue I had. This was resolved quickly and efficiently, and resulted in a significant amount of money coming my way.

Call now for your consultation with Dr. Thomas Nicholl, Orlando Attorney 407-228-2131

Dr. Mary McD – Lake Alfred – I used Attorney Nicholl for an issue I had which went to trial in which we were successful. I would not hesitate to use him again, should the need arise.

Amber C. – Orlando – I was very appreciative of my recovery of thousands of dollars by Attorney Nicholl, in an efficient and inexpensive manner. I will use him again if necessary.

Brenda Z. – Ocala – I have used his services on two occasions. In the first, the matter was resolved satisfactorily, and the second, an auto accident, I received a significant amount of money.

In both cases he was attentive, communicative, and his charges reasonable. If I need legal services in the future I would use him again.

Brenda C. – Orlando – I feel comfortable recommending Attorney Nicholl. I recently had an issue which was resolved by him. He was communicative, and went to great efforts to get me a significant amount.

Mary W. – Maitland – I used Attorney Nicholl to draft a document I needed. He did so efficiently and at minimal cost.

Mattie T. – Orlando – I have used this attorney for several issues, one of which is ongoing, and another resulted in me getting a lot of money. I have recommended his services to friends and family.

Dr. Richard S. – Wausseon (OH) – I have received solid legal advice which resulted in me saving a lot of money.

Evelyn S. – Orlando – I have used the services of Attorney Nicholl, which resulted in me successfully settling my case, and receiving a significant amount of money

Dr. Richard S. – Tampa – Attorney Nicholl negotiated on my behalf, showed a good understanding of the issues, both medical and legal, and negotiated successfully on my behalf.

Hoss R. – Orlando – I consulted with Attorney Nicholl, and he gave me good advice at minimal cost.

Clara M. Orlando – I used Attorney Nicholl for a legal service which he performed in a short time at little cost.

Samuel M. – Orlando – I used Attorney Nicholl for a legal matter, which he resolved successfully for a lot less money than I expected.

Nancy McC – Ocala – I employed Attorney Nicholl for a legal issue I had, which was handled efficiently. He successfully negotiated on my behalf to get me a significant amount of money.

Call now for your consultation with Dr. Thomas Nicholl, Orlando Attorney 407-228-2131