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What Types Of Personal Injury Cases Does Your Firm Typically Handle?

My firm typically handles a lot of what are commonly referred to as slip and fall cases. In addition, we also take on a good number of medical malpractice, dog bite and auto accident claims as well.

What Are Some Misconceptions People Have About Working With A Personal Injury Attorney?

The number one misconception people have about working with a personal injury attorney is that just because someone got hurt for some reason they believe they are entitled to the recompense for that loss; sometimes that just is not the case. A big factor that discourages people that really do have a good case is they think that it will cost a lot in order to bring the case. Many firms will only handle what I would call “slam-dunk”, big cases. However, with my firm, the priority is with my clients, not with myself. I will take which are not “slam-dunks.”

Do Most Personal Injury Cases Settle Or Do They Go To Trial?

Most personal injury cases do settle. However, the ones that do go to trial quite often get a lot of money in the verdict. The reason for favoring the settlement is for the client to know that they are going to get the money. It is not a roll the dice situation. Their costs increase incredibly going to trial and they don’t really know what the results will be. Settlement adds a note of certainty to the whole procedure and also makes it a lot less stressful and time-consuming. Most times if you go to trial, you will get more money if you have a strong case. Usually, the insurance companies that are involved will give you a much lower settlement, or as low a settlement as they think they can get away with in order to avoid going to trial. They will usually not want to go to trial if it is an exceptionally strong case, because they know that the chance of them getting a favorable verdict is not good.

What Are Some Of The Factors That Make Up A Strong Personal Injury Claim?

One of the factors that make up a strong personal injury claim is that it is actually somebody’s fault. I did have one case of a lady who fell and hurt herself. The video showed she quite simply slipped over her own feet. She alleged that there was something on the floor but in the video there was someone sweeping the floor 10 seconds before she fell.

The first factor is did somebody do anything wrong. One way to prove that or help to prove that is to have some pictures or witnesses or something that can document that what you say is correct. The next thing, which is really important, is that you have actually sustained some damages. You may have slipped, for example, on a floor in a supermarket but all you did was fall down and get up and you were not hurt. As far as the damages go, it is very important to have doctors and records.

How Important Is The Evidence And Witnesses In A Personal Injury Claim?

Evidence and witnesses are very important in a personal injury claim. It is critical because it gets you out of the he-said she-said situation. The client who got hurt is going to say one thing and the person who is responsible is going to say that is not true. If you have a witness or photograph or even better both then you can show that you are not just making this thing up. It helps a lot because most of these people are covered by insurance companies. If you can show them that yes, we have a valid case here and we can prove it then you are much more likely to get some kind of favorable settlement in the deal.

Do You Advise Clients To Keep A Journal Of Events Following An Accident?

Yes, I advise clients to keep a journal of events following an accident, I also actually try and get the records and keep them in a file. This way when we are discussing the case, we have everything on hand in order to do it and that includes doctor records and the like.

How Soon Should Someone Seek Medical Treatment After Getting Injured?

How soon someone should seek medical treatment after getting injured depends on the case but the sooner the better. In auto accident cases, it is a very specific 14-day period. Certainly a trip to the emergency room at the time is very strong. A lot of times what happens is you fall or get hurt for some reason and you feel a little bit silly and someone says, “Are you alright”, and you say, “Yes, I am fine, I’m okay”. The next day you wake up and you can hardly move. Seeking medical treatment may not take place immediately but it should happen within a couple of days in order to tie the injury that you have with the incident that happened. You will always be faced with the argument, “Well, this may have happened but it has nothing to do with your injury”.

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