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What Has Your Experience Been In Handling Animal Law Cases?

Through my experience of having been a practicing veterinarian, I became familiar with many aspects of animal law cases. As an animal law attorney, I have primarily handled administrative hearings for veterinarians with regard to municipal acts of dangerous dogs. Occasionally neglect and hoarding are also aspects to be continued.

Who Exactly Are The Clients That You Work With?

I work with a variety of clients, including veterinarians and private individuals who have a problem with a veterinarian, have gotten injured by an animal, or whose animal has injured someone else. When dealing with private individuals, the basic issue is usually about getting their property back or being responsible for their property. A veterinarian may seek my services if they have a problem with licensing or if someone is disgruntled with their services.

Why Hire An Animal Law Attorney? Can’t Any Attorney Handle My Matter?

It is true that any attorney can handle these matters, but they may not be comfortable in the field. This is because specialized knowledge is required in this field, which would require extensive research. In addition, there are certain fields that some attorneys just do not practice, and although animal law does go across different areas of practice, it is nevertheless somewhat specialized. As a result, it’s important to be familiar with municipal ordinances and statutes that apply to animal law. If someone takes an animal law case to an attorney who doesn’t know this, they could find themselves in a lot of trouble.

What Types Of Cases Do You Handle Under Animal Law?

Most of the cases I handle under animal law involve a client whose dog injured another person or damaged their property, or a client who was injured or had property damaged by another person’s dog. I also represent individuals whose veterinary license may be in jeopardy due to a controversy with a client. Another aspect is trying to retrieve property. This seems to occur quite frequently with couples who have joint custody and are subsequently no longer together, as well as with disputes over breeding arrangements or a breeder’s decision to withhold a dog from a buyer. If the problem can’t be resolved amicably, then the buyer or breeder would have to make a legal action to get their animal back. Some cases involve adoption issues with shelters or rescue societies, whereby adoptees believe that the animal they adopted was misrepresented in some way.

What Type Of Evidence Is Important To Collect In An Animal Law Case?

The type of evidence that’s important in an animal law case really depends on the case itself. In terms of an injury, it’s important to document the injury, take photographs that may be relevant, and identify any witnesses who may be present and have them put something in writing—whether it’s in a contract, text, or email—to verify what they said. This will be much more persuasive than a “he said, she said” scenario. Also get any medical records related to the injury sustained. If it is a custody issue, anything that might prove you are the rightful owner is helpful (e.g. sales contracts, licensing, rabies tags, veterinary treatment, microchips).

I’ve Been Injured By A Dog, Who Is Liable?

In Florida, there is strict liability on the owner of a dog who injures someone. Furthermore, common law negligence refers to situations in which people can be held liable for the injuries caused by a dog even if they are not the owner. With exception to scenarios in which someone was injured by a dog while unlawfully entering premises (e.g. committing a burglary), provoking, or committing acts of cruelty to the dog, the owner is almost always held liable.

What If My Dog Was Injured?

If a dog gets injured by another dog or a person, then the owner of the dog that caused the injury would be held responsible, and it would be important to document the injury, take the animal to a veterinarian, and obtain medical records showing that the injury was a result of an attack.

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