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What Can I Expect To Happen Once I File A Personal Injury Claim?

The first thing that will happen is you will be contacted by an adjuster, who works for the insurance company that is covering the person or place you are seeking the personal injury claim against. The adjuster will come across as very friendly and very nice. Unfortunately, the settlement offers that they make are usually not adequate. They will attempt to get a recorded statement from you.

What Information Does My Attorney Need To Review Before Filing A Personal Injury Claim?

An attorney will need to know the details of what happened and when it happened. If there are any supporting photographs, witness statements, or contact information for witnesses, he or she should review them. Also, anything that may have happened to you subsequently, in terms of treatment of your injuries, photographs of your injuries, or any statements made at the scene.

What Defenses Do Insurance Companies Use To Avoid Paying Out On Claims?

First, the insurance company will claim your injury is your fault. They will argue that there was an open and obvious danger and if you had been even half alert, you would have noticed it and not have gotten hurt. They will also claim that their insured did not know anything about the hazard, therefore they could not be expected to do anything about it.

Are My Medical Bills Generally Going To Be Paid In Full In A Settlement?

A lot of times, medical insurance companies put liens on a file and there is a requirement to notice them that something is going on. If such notice is given, then they will be paid before any funds are disbursed. However, what they are entitled to is what they actually paid, not what they billed. Sometimes there is quite a significant difference between the two. There is also a greater likelihood of not having to reimburse them before a claim has been filed, as opposed to afterwards. You should certainly take medical bills into account before accepting a settlement offer. They will need to be paid either before or during the settlement procedures.

Will The Settlement Include Medical Bills Already Paid As Well As Future Medical Expenses?

The usual way of dealing with medical bills that have already been paid is to take that into account when you make a settlement. As far as future medical treatment that will be necessary, those can or cannot be included. If there are allowances for future medical treatment, it is usually for a very specific amount, if agreed to.

Should I Pay My Medical Bills As They Are Coming In Or Should I Wait Until The Settlement?

It is better to wait, as long as it does not become a problem with harassment or credit issues. If it is a problem, pay the minimum amount that you can, on a continuing basis. When you get to settlement, you can often negotiate a much lower amount than they were initially seeking. Another way of doing this is under a “letter of protection” – see below

Which Sources Of Funds Are Entitled To Recoup Reimbursement Once A Settlement Is Achieved?

The people who usually get involved in this stage of the case are those who have supplied medical or physical therapy treatment. They are entitled to be reimbursed. There are some providers who will work under what we call a Letter of Protection, meaning they will not expect payment l until a settlement is reached and we have given them a letter.

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