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Does The Threat Of Going To Trial Enhance The Likelihood Of A Larger Settlement?

If the threat of trial is genuine, it does enhance the likelihood of a larger settlement. Insurance companies like to have a definite sum to deal with, rather than going to trial, where they are at the mercy of the jury, and might be hit with an unpredictable, and possibly quite large award.

Does Having An Attorney Involved Tend To Make Insurance Companies Evaluate A Case Or Claim Differently Than If I Was Going It Alone?

There are multiple surveys and statistics which indicate that you are likely to get less than 50% of what your case is worth without an attorney representing you.

How Do Your Reputation, Your Trial And Negotiation Skills Impact A Personal Injury Case?

If you are known to settle cases and not go to trial, insurance companies will take that into consideration when calculating a settlement offer, resulting in a smaller amount for your client.

What Factors Cause Personal Injury Cases To End Up Going Into Litigation?

The first thing that may be a factor is that there may be a very severe injury, in which case the client may not want to settle for what the insurance company offers. The insurance company may not make a reasonable offer, but another factor is that the injured party may also have an unreasonable expectation of what their injury is worth.

What Can I Expect If My Personal Injury Case Goes To Trial?

It is important to realize that trial is a slow process and you may not see a result for a year or more, and that the entire process will be very time-consuming. Although you may not be paying for the costs up front, they will come out of your award, and going to trial can easily add $15,000 – $20,000 to your costs.

How Does Going To Trial Affect The Overall Cost Of The Personal Injury Process?

Going to trial hugely increases the costs of personal injury processes because, for example, you will need treating physicians to testify as witnesses. These and other expert witnesses are very expensive and may outweigh the benefits of going to trial, versus accepting a settlement.

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