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The choice of an attorney is a very important one. As a lawyer who is also a veterinarian, Dr. Nicholl is especially qualified to help you with animal legal issues and medical law issues. Dr. Nicholl is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Law Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Animal Legal Defense Fund. He is licensed to practice in the State of Florida and he serves clients in Central Florida. Count on an attorney veterinarian to be your best representation in this special field.

General Information:

The Law Office of Thomas Nicholl, D.V.M., J.D., is dedicated to the practice of animal law. He combines his extensive scientific knowledge as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with a legal background covering a wide variety of animal law matters. His experience ranges from simple cases to more complex litigation, and understanding and explaining scientific records.

Whatever legal matters you and your pet may have, an individualized, efficient strategy is most important, along with being represented by a compassionate and dedicated pet attorney in Orlando who understands the value of your pet and will work with you to explain all the legal issues involved.

Horse Injury Lawsuit – Equine Law

equine law attorney, animal lawyerAs a former practicing veterinarian who is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of the horse industry, including racing, breeding, show, endurance, hunter-jumper, dressage, cutting, driving, pleasure horses and companion animal practice, Dr. Thomas Nicholl will help you resolve your equine lawsuit problem quickly and efficiently. As a horse injury specialist with a veterinarian background, Dr. Nicholl is the best choice to represent you in your horse injury lawsuit and all areas of equine law.

Florida Horse Injury Law

Horse owners may be protected under the Equine Liability Act, which gives limited protection to people involved in the horse business for injuries received by other participants because of the inherent dangers associated with dealing with unpredictable and fractious animals. This protection, however, is not absolute, and will not protect against reckless or negligent conduct.

The first thing to do if you are injured is to record the events, preferably by photos, and get sworn affidavits. If at a professional establishment, see if there are any postings of the Equine Liability Law. Where are they located? Did you see them before the accident? Take photos as soon as possible. If any waivers were signed be sure to get a copy.

Many of the same principles apply if your horse injures another. Make sure you can establish if this was a professional relationship or just a favor, and whether it was with or without your consent. This could make a huge difference. Having an attorney to represent your interests who was also a practicing veterinarian in the equine field for over 20 years will be a great advantage in negotiations and/or the courtroom.

If your horse is injured, general rules apply. If it is an emergency, keep the animal warm, make sure the airway is clear and that it is in a safe place, and call a veterinarian immediately. What you do in the first half hour may be critical. Giving fluids is often beneficial, but the horse’s circulatory system is so large that a large amount of fluids must be given via I.V., if the veterinarian so decides, to be of immediate use in recovery. Sometimes failure to act quickly in an appropriate manner makes an easily manageable situation a lot more difficult by the next day. If it doesn’t seem like an emergency, call the veterinarian anyway, and explain the situation – be factual and do not exaggerate or understate the situation. Sometimes simple cleaning with water and a bandage is all the first aid that is required on a temporary basis. Usually not moving the animal is the right thing to do initially once the area is secured and safe.

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dog bite lawsuits animal lawCentral Florida Dog Bite Lawsuits

In general, owners are responsible for what their dogs do. If a dog bites someone, it depends on their age, whether they were on your property or not, and if they were, were they legally entitled to be there, and whether the dog was provoked. While there may not be 100% fault, there may be a proportion allowed, depending on whether there was any negligent conduct or not.

If you are bitten or attacked (this may include being frightened or made to jump or fall down), and especially if you suffer some injury 1) document the scene if possible including the dog (camera phones are great) 2) document your injuries – go promptly to emergency room or Dr. and tell them what happened. Remember that the first hurdles are to prove an injury by a dog that is owned by someone, and that as a result of the attack you suffered harm. As a result, you are entitled to be compensated. If the dog has previously been designated as dangerous, there may be other factors to consider. 3) contact an attorney. This will be a huge advantage, especially if the attorney has also practiced Veterinary Medicine for over 20 years.

If your dog bites another person, many of these same principles apply. It is essential to contact an attorney to protect your rights, as a lawsuit may pop up a couple of years later when you are not expecting it, and all evidence is lost and witnesses not available. As with any potentially bad situation, document and record. Often times a simple apology, without admitting fault, may be all the injured party wants. But be careful this doesn’t come back to “bite” you – an attorney can help prevent this from happening.

Many times a formal resolution can be made and enforced, and many times people quickly say “don’t worry about it” only to find out much later that they should have worried about because an injury has come to light that they were not initially aware of. It may also be possible that it is an Insurance Company,or some other party and not an individual, who is liable. An attorney knowledgeable about animal law is a powerful ally to have. This is especially so when the attorney is also a veterinarian with over 20 years of experience in veterinary medicine.

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Hire an Attorney Who Is Also a Veterinarian

Have you been attacked by a dog, or has your dog attacked someone? It is common knowledge that the majority of dog bite injuries and dog bite attacks are caused by dogs the victim already knows. Your legal rights should be protected, no matter which side of the fence you are on.

If you need expert assistance with a dog bite lawsuit in Central Florida, contact us today for dog attack lawsuit information. If you have an animal, or if you have been injured by someone else’s pet, you need an attorney who understands the issues involved in animal law. As a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Nicholl, Pet Attorney, Veterinarian Lawyer, can protect your interests better than most attorneys.

Six Main Areas of Animal Law:

  • When something happens to your pet
  • When your pet does something which affects the rights of others
  • When your rights are affected by something that your pet (or someone else’s pet) does
  • Laws that control animal behaviors
  • Other incidents in which animals or pets are involved, directly or indirectly
  • What happens to your pet if he/she outlives you?

Veterinary Malpractice

If you suspect your veterinarian has committed malpractice, you need to act quickly. Preserving evidence and acting within the statute of limitations are critical to any malpractice action. Call today for a consultation.

Formal Complaints to the Board of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinarians are licensed by the state they practice in and complaints must be presented correctly. . We can help make sure your complaints are formal and followed up on.

Groomer/Kennel/Dog Walker Negligence

If your pet was injured while at the groomers, kennel or under the care of a dog walker, we may be able to help you.

Pet-Related Product Liability

Pets can be injured by the products they use, such as unsafe food and medicine, faulty leashes, improperly built cages, or any other product that does not function as it should, thus causing harm or permanent injury to your pet. Ask us how we can help protect you or get compensation from the product manufacturer to cover the cost of any medical care necessary for your pet’s recovery.

Pet Trusts

Do you often worry about what would happen to your pets if you are unable to care for them? Many times pets do outlive their owners and we have legal solutions to put your mind at ease.

Sales/Breeding Contracts

Considering buying or breeding a pet? We can help draw up a contract that best protects you and your pets’ interests.

Defending You and Your Pet Against a Lawsuit

If your pet harms another pet or a person, whether minimally or significantly, you will need help defending yourself in court. Thomas Nicholl possesses trial experience to represent you in court.

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equine injury animal law

Dr. Tom Nicholl, veterinarian and attorney, with Rocky the horse

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