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Tom_DeskThomas Nicholl on Ask the Expert Radio Show – Transcript

Welcome to Ask the Expert with noted radio host Steve Sleeper. Each week Steve interviews entrepreneurs and professionals and shares their intriguing stories of success and service. Now here’s radio veteran Steve Sleeper.

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Steve: Today we are speaking with Thomas Nicholl who is a personal injury attorney at the Thomas Nicholl Law Firm in Orlando, Florida. Tell me about your firm and about yourself.

Thomas: I was a veterinarian for 20 years and then I unfortunately got into involved in a car accident. After I came out of the hospital a week later, they told me that I better find something different to do as I was practicing with race horses at the time. So, I went to law school.

Steve:  If I’ve been in an accident, why do I need an attorney?

Thomas: You don’t actually need one but there has been research, even by the insurance companies, which indicate you’re able to get three to five times more if you have an attorney representing you than if you try and do it yourself. By way of explanation, I had one person who had agreed with an insurance company to accept $2,000 dollars for her injury. They of course did not tell her she would have to be responsible for $6,000 dollars in medical expenses. After engaging our services we were able to get her $30,000 dollars and all was well.

Steve:  If I’m in an accident, the insurance company isn’t going to take care of me?

Thomas: I’m not a big fan of insurance companies. They come across as being nice, we want to help you, we want to get this settled quickly. But remember, their primary concern is their own well-being. They want to get things settled, either for nothing or for very little. They consider that a success and not your pain and suffering.

Steve: What should we be looking for in a personal injury lawyer?

Thomas:  Someone who is first of all, experienced and competent in that field and is not going to take on a useless case. If they take on a case, they should fight aggressively and get you as much as they possibly can.

Steve: What’s the cost for an attorney?

Thomas: Most of the personal injury cases are taken on what we call a contingency basis. In other words, if you get nothing, I get nothing and if you get a lot, I get a percentage. Usually a third or something like that.

Steve: Let’s say I get into a car accident and I got some injuries and I’m probably not thinking clearly; I’ve just been injured. Are there things I should know in advance?

Thomas: Make sure you take care of whatever injuries you have. Then, under Florida law, you have to see a doctor within two weeks of the accident otherwise you can’t collect. Also, you may feel fine day of the accident but not the next day or the day after. Don’t assume you’re not injured if it’s not apparent right away.

It’s a good idea to take some time to snap photographs, get some witness names, keep incident reports if there are any. Try and document as much as possible and anticipate the insurance company will fight you tooth and nail as to what happened.

Steve: Let’s shift gears a bit. What is workers comp?

Thomas: Workers comp is basically a scheme for compensating you for an injury, but it’s confined only to injuries sustained while you’re working. So if you’re working in a store and you’re stocking shelves and the shelves falls on you, that would be covered by workman’s comp. If however, you go for a drink in the bar and you fall off the stool and hit your head, that would not be covered by workman’s comp.

Steve: Anything else we should know Thomas?

Thomas: If you’re injured and you think somebody else is responsible for your injury; contact an attorney. I can be of service to you because of my past medical training. I can review records and be able to give you an honest assessment, at no charge, as to whether or not your case is viable and if so, how much it’s likely worth.

Steve: Just looking at your website, I see animal law, medical law. Tell me about that.

Thomas: Being a veterinarian I instinctively drifted towards the animal law area. That encompasses a lot more than people think. I’m not representing your dog, but I’m representing the owner of the dog. If somebody’s animal hurts you or if your animal hurts somebody else, it can be a violation of the County Code of Animal Control Services. Also, estate contractions, non-compete clauses for veterinarians, practice purchases; they’re all encompassed into a rather broad field of animal law.

Steve: Our guest today has been Thomas Nicholl, the Thomas Nicholl Law Firm in Orlando. How can we reach you?

Thomas: The website at gives contact information for office phone, fax and email. Most everything is done electronically so you don’t have to be in the Orlando. We do phone consultations as well.

Steve: Thomas thanks for being on the show today.

Thomas: Okay thank you very much.

Thanks for listening to Ask the Expert with Steve Sleeper. Join us next time as entrepreneurs and professionals share their intriguing stories of success and of service.

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