Pet Safety During July 4th



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People associate loud noises, flashes, and big bangs with celebrations, but pets do not. For this reason, July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters according to the American Humane Association. Many people who leave their pets at home while they are out celebrating forget to close opens doors, gates, or windows which causes many scared pets to run away and flee. Many of these scared pets end up lost, injured, or killed due to the high stress of the Holiday. It may seem obvious but here is a list of things you can do to be sure your pet is safe this holiday season.

  • Bring your pet inside and keep them indoors at all times
  • Don’t put insect repellant on your pet that isn’t pet friendly
  • If traveling to a fireworks display, leave your pet at home and not in the car
  • Have your pet properly identified in case they get lost
  • Keep your pet away from glow in the dark sticks or other festive ornaments they might chew
  • Never use fireworks around pets
  • Don’t over-feed your pet or give them table food
  • Never leave alcohol unattended where pets can reach them
  • Close the blinds and curtains so they can’t see the lights
  • Leave on a fan, TV, or radio to block out the outside noise
  • Distract your pet with a lot of toys

There are over 63% of lost pets euthanized each year at animal shelters because they could not be properly identified and returned to their owners. The Thomas Nicholl Law Firm encourages everyone to please keep your pets safe this holiday season, because even if they do not fear thunder, fireworks can be really terrifying for a pet!

Safety for the 4th of July

As 4th of July approaches, many Florida residents will take to the water to celebrate and this means more boating related injuries. Florida leads the nation in the number of registered boat owners totaling 899,635 per the latest reports.

Florida also leads the nation in the number of boating fatalities. Drugs and alcohol played a role in 15% of deaths last year alone.  Of the 73 deaths and 365 injuries that occurred just last year on the water (down from 420 in 2013)- Volusia county ranked in the top 10 counties.

Boaters falling overboard and drowning is the leading cause of death among boaters.

Safe boating is a choice and currently the “Wear It Florida” campaign is encouraging boat safety by promoting life jacket use whenever boaters are on the water.

As long as the boat’s pilot is not impaired, it is perfectly legal to drink alcohol while boating in Florida.

If you plan to enjoy the water this summer Thomas Nicholl Law Firm encourages you to stay safe and eliminate boating under the influence-related accidents.

If you plan to go boating this summer here are a few safety tips from the Florida Fish and Wildlife:

  • Always be weather-wise
  • Use common sense
  • Designate an assistant skipper
  • Float plan- let family or others know of your itinerary
  • Have enough life jackets and wear them!
  • Consider a FREE vessel safety check from the US Coast Guard
  • Learn to swim


If boating with pets always keep fresh drinking water available, provide a shaded area, and protect their feet as well as keep a pet lifejacket available.