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Orlando DUI Lawyer – Driving Under the Influence – Central Florida DUI Defense Attorney Thomas Nicholl

DUI Orlando

Orlando DUI Lawyer Tom Nicholl – A conviction for DUI, or Driving Under the Influence of  alcohol or drugs, can have far-reaching consequences that negatively impact your entire life. Paying large DUI fines in Central Florida and increased car insurance rates can make your financial situation very difficult. Losing your drivers license for any length of time from a DUI conviction can affect your ability to get to work, get back home to your family, participate in the activities you enjoy, or socialize with friends.

Thomas Nicholl Law Firm can help with your Central Florida DUI defense if you have been accused of driving under the influence. We have a great deal of trial experience in Central Florida.  Don’t lose your license – call now.

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Orlando DUI Lawyer Prosecutors and police officers have many tools at their disposal to attempt to prove that you were impaired to such an extent that you could not safely operate a motor vehicle. Field sobriety tests, breath analysis machines, blood and urine tests can be used against you, but these are not infallible. It takes an experienced defense attorney to help you deflect these charges and avoid a judgement of guilt.

DUI Orlando – Driving Under the Influence in Central Florida

Your success in avoiding conviction in a Central Florida DUI trial depends upon careful preparation, a thorough knowledge of the law, and the ability to present counter-evidence at trial in a convincing and easy to understand manner. The legal system is difficult for a layperson to navigate, and your chances of a not-guilty verdict are greatly increased when you hire an experienced lawyer to represent your interests.

Florida DUI FAQ: What about the Florida drunk driving arrest field test?

The police have the right to stop you if they suspect that you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The field sobriety test may include any of the following:

  • Horizontal gaze test
  • Reciting the alphabet
  • Walk-and-turn test
  • Finger-to-nose test
  • The ability to stand on one leg

Other factors can cause you to fail a field sobriety test and it does not mean that you are guilty or unfit to drive. Fatigue, nervousness, weight, physical illness, age or depression could hinder your ability to do some of the tests.

For your Driving Under the Influence defense in Central Florida, you need an experienced Orlando DUI defense lawyer who will represent you in your DUI case.You don’t want to lose your license, your money, or your job! Contact Thomas Nicholl , Orlando DUI Lawyer, today for a consultation about your Orlando DUI defense. 407-228-2131